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Student Resources

Articles and Publications:

Review on the Impact of Gap Years on Career Development

What MCAT Score Do You Need to Get Into Medical School?

How Hard Is It to Get into Medical School?

AAMC Resources:

Medical School Admissions Requirements

The Official Guide to Medical School Admissions

Anatomy of an Applicant: Competency Resources and Self-Assessment Guide for Medical School Applicants

Situational Judgement Test Essentials

Advisor Corner: Preparing for Secondary Applications

Kaplan Resources:

What is the CASPer Test? 

Medical School Admissions: Secondary Applications


Resources available at UC Merced

Loaner computers and Technology programs

Division of Undergraduate education

School of Natural Sciences Laptop Lending Program

Guardian Scholars (for Foster Youth)

Emergency Preparedness (Guidance for technology resources in case of campus closure due to Covid)

Study/Exam Spaces

Collaborative Work Spaces for study and meetings are available (some 24/7) in the Koligian Library. Some rooms can be reserved although this may not be available for Fall of 2021 due to Covid.


Mentorship Manual

The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine produced a helpful pamphlet called "Mentorship Manual for Medical Students." This resource provides good information about why you need a mentor, chracteristics of a good mentor, how to find a mentor, and how to initiate a mentoring relationship.