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Situational Judgment Test (SJT)

The AAMC Situational Judgment Test (SJT) is a standardized exam that consists of hypothetical scenarios that students may encounter while in medical school. Examinees are asked to evaluate the effectiveness of behavioral responses to each scenario. This exam aims to help admissions officers assess your readiness to learn about issues related to professionalism in medical school.  Visit the AAMC to learn more about the SJT.

Participating Medical Schools 

At this time not all medical schools are using this exam, please refer to the AAMC website to see the list of  Participating Schools and those recommending or requiring the exam at this time.

Eligibility and Registration 

The exam is only available to applicants who are applying during the current cycle and applying to participating schools. There is no cost for this exam.  

To register you must create or already have an AAMC account. Click here to register.

Preparing for the Exam 

The AAMC offers many free resources to prepare for the SJT exam. It is recommended that you prepare for the exam using the SJT Practice exam, take advantage of the free resources, and advice listed on the site.

Test Day

This exam is conducted on a computer and is proctored. It is strongly suggested to make sure you have a secure computer, designated quiet location, and stable wifi. You are able to log in prior to your test day to walk through the tutorial demonstrating the features and functions of the online testing system. Do not wait until your test day to do so. We recommend accessing the site 1-2 weeks before your test day.  

Testing Accommodations 

For testing accommodations please visit the AAMC's SJT Accommodations website.