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Research Opportunities for UC Merced Students

Students following a Pre-Med Pathway should expect to spend time working on research as part of their preparation for medical school. Programs like the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Center (UROC) and CREST Scholars are two prospective entry points into undergraduate research opportunities.

With the strong presence of Health Sciences in research and education at UC Merced, the Health Sciences Research Institute (HSRI) is focused on promoting all research in the human health sciences to improve awareness, advocacy, and action of health and health disparities.

Undergraduates in the School of Natural Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts have many avenues to gain research experience while enrolled at UC Merced. Many offices on campus provide multiple faculty-mentored research programs spanning different disciplines and program lengths (both summer term and academic year spanning programs) to cater to the dynamic interests of our students.