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How to Apply

Application Criteria for the SJV PRIME+ Pathway

To apply to the SJV PRIME+ pathway, you must be a current high school senior who has close ties to the SJV community, feel certain you want to be a physician and be committed to remaining in the SJV to practice medicine. To be accepted, students must have a strong academic record, a demonstrated interest in health care, and be dedicated to their SJV community. In addition, students must meet all UC Merced acceptance criteria. 

You can only apply to the BS to MD Pathway as an entering first-year student. Click here to apply.


Admissions Criteria for Conditional Acceptance to UCSF School of Medicine

  • Residents of and have ties to the San Joaquin Valley* (students in the foothills, Salinas, and Greater Central Valley will also be considered)
  • Must be applying as an incoming first-year student 
  • Must have a minimum overall UC GPA of 3.6
  • Must meet the UC admissions criteria and submit an application to UC Merced by November 30, 2023
  • Must enroll in one of the qualifying majors and maintain strong academic standing while at UC Merced

Have additional questions not addressed in our FAQs? Please contact the Admissions Office.